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Hokkaido is beloved by people all over the island, Japan and the world. Everyone has their own reasons for loving Hokkaido, and this logo was created by combining the “I” in Hokkaido with “love” with the aim of giving people a channel to express this feeling on social media.
The HOKKAIDO LOVE! logo can be downloaded by following the request process below.
Please ensure that you also read the logo use guidelines (PDF) provided.
Any inquiries relating to the HOKKAIDO LOVE! logo should be directed to the HOKKAIDO LOVE! Management Office using the link below.

Request process

  • Check the appropriate boxes in the logo resources download request form below.
    ※Ensure that you read the logo use guidelines.

  • The download logo resources button will become active after the relevant boxes have been checked. Click on the button to start your download.

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